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Have you ever walked around and visited places and wondered who that person was mentioned on the headstone or plaque and what their past or life story was?

Well, we thought it would be a good idea if there was a way for you and anyone to easily access your loved ones website, historical facts and their lives.


With the ability to access this information via smartphones becoming easier and utilising QR technology along with laser etched discs, anyone with a dedicated website or tribute page and having headstones, plaques or a suitable location, will be able to install them, allowing instant access to all the history and associated stories of those much cherished and loved.

So, we offer a simple way and guidance to help you complete this task and get your QR disc ordered.

Always remembered,
never forgotten

Nov 9 2021 Link to Lives Logo Files_BLUE ICON.png
Nov 9 2021 Link to Lives Logo Files_BLUE ICON.png

Always remembered,
never forgotten

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How it works

QR codes have been around since the mid 1990’s and have become much more popular over recents years. The fact that smart devices & mobile phones can easily use these and instantly access relevant information making it more convenient and quicker for everyone.


Fundamentally, we want to help you to create a website or tribute page of your loved one and give you the ability to then create a QR code and associated QR disc, which can then be installed or placed where appropriate to allow you and others to be able to scan that QR disc and have instant access to that website and any relevant memories and associated stories.


All it takes is a few simple steps...

Step 1:
Create a tribute website of your loved one
Step 2:
Copy and paste the URL of your website into the QR production link, then complete the order 

Useful Links and Information



Hear from some of our users:

Thanks so much  for the QR Disc, what a wonderful idea

An easy and straightforward process

“Really useful and we managed to create our tribute website via much loved so thank you”

Lucy Portman

James Phillips

Ben James

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